Dear beautiful person reading this,

Over a year ago, I released my "This Is How I Feel - EP." This release opened doors to new sources of inspiration and interesting experiences that I did not think were possible! My lead single "Yes Man" was sent and played on SimLiveRadio in Germany. "Yes Man" was also remixed by several artists across the world. The "Yes Man (Moonego Remix)" went #1 on the Tropical House Remixes Chart of 2017 on with over 20,000 downloads. I now saw people across the world adding this remix to their playlists and club sets. This led to the collaboration between Moonego (Egor) in Russia and me in America with our song "Starving Artist."

Fast forward to the present. I have been working on new music and just released my favorite song release yet, "Blame." I wrote this song out of paranoia regarding people in my life talking about me when I wasn't looking. This song evokes a confident character who is not afraid to throw shade and confront people directly about the gossip they spout. In an interesting twist, I used the bass-line from a song by 17th century composer Henry Purcell. I hope you embark with me on this new journey I am traveling. It involves this self discovery of taking my feelings and putting them into action. I'm no longer going to just "be upset." I am now 25 years old and plan on using my music to change the situations I am not satisfied with. I look forward to sharing with you my new tunes and I hope you will always listen to how I feel.

Love always,